A little bit about me...

I have not seen it all... but I have seen and done a lot. From this experience, you can expect a very hands-on and no-nonsense approach from me. In short, I say what I do and I do what I say.

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From Start-Up to Public Listing

I co-created 2 start-ups (one in France, one in the U.K.) with zero initial funding, then participated into raising Serie A and B funding from VCs, and listed a technology company on a Public Market within 4 years of creation.

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CxO and Board

I took on various roles (CEO, COO, and CTO) at various stages of the public company, leading a team of 50 as CTO, and overseeing 14 subsidiaries and 250 employees as COO.

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Life of a Public Company

I have unfortunately had to go to the High Court of London after the sale of the Company's assets in 2019, and defended the interest of all minority shareholders against an oppressive actor. I won the lawsuit for Just and Equitable Winding-Up in 2022 (a first in the UK), and acquired extensive knowledge.

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Cyber, Crypto, and A.I.

Since 2020, I have mostly refocused my time on personal projects at the intersection of Cyber, Crypto, and AI. I have delivered numerous projects, operating as an Indie Developer.

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Could I help you?

From time to time, I take on small focused projects to help others. I specialise in technology and security reviews, creating SaaS projects from the ground up, or acting as an advisor. This includes advising on strategy, market validation, funding, product roadmap, technology stack, and help on execution.

If this is of interest, let's have a conversation.

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Get in touch...

eric [at] incubiq [dot] com
Mobile: +44 (0)7919 44 82 46