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Eric Duneau is a serial entrepreneur who has spent a large part of his professional life working in CxO positions for Technology companies (start-ups) serving global companies around the world. He listed his companies in the various Fast Track 100, Deloitte 50, and other Tech Track indexes.

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A hands-on approach for success

IncubIQ was built out of over two decades of experience, ultimately having taken a tiny startup all the way from inception to a multi-million trade sale. This journey was made of many milestones such as acquiring 7 companies in as many diverse locations, raising multi-million funds with VCs, floating the company on a stock exchange, registering IP with the US Patent Office, operating as a Public Company, and having to fight further legal battles.

This experience combined with accessing the network of people who provided value during this 25 years journey can be available to you. Whether you look for specific advice and guidance, or would like to leverage our network, whether you are a small start-ups and/or a business stuck in no-growth, you can benefit greatly from a short discussion with us. In particular, you may find it very beneficial if you are in need of either one or a mix of the following:

Web App and Dev Team MOT

  • Dev and DevOps practice review
  • Architecture and end-points
  • Security Review
  • UI/UX review
  • Coding and Agile practice

Scaling up your company

  • SWOT review
  • Orgchart for success
  • Define your roadmap
  • Improvement cycle
  • Measure and monitor

Access to Grant or Funding

  • UK or European Grants
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Preparing your Memorandum of Information
  • Valuation
  • Negotiation

Legal and Commercial Advice

  • Improve governance
  • IP protection and dispute resolution
  • Contract reviews
  • Legal representation
  • Contract reviews

Building an Agile company

  • Agile principles applied to R&D
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous improvement
  • Scaling Agile company-wide
  • Building an Agile strategy

Technology 360 review

  • Product and Processes
  • Improving your win ratio
  • Delivering and keeping success
  • Ability to cope with success
  • Ability to scale

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